• All self-contained spas –220 Volt. Your 220-volt spa requires a 60-amp grounded circuit. Use #6/3 copper wire with 3 insulated wires and a ground. The spa needs to be protected by a “Double Pull service disconnect & GFCI breaker with a neutral line. You will want to leave an additional 10’ of wire past the entry point (any side of the spa) of the spa to ensure
    that the spa can be turned in any direction and the wire will reach the equipment. For Arctic All Weather Pools, you will want to bring the power to the end of the spa where the equipment is located (on the topside control panel end) and then leave the additional 10’ of wire. You as the owner will be responsible to have the electrical ready and properly prepared for the spa delivery. We do not run any electrical or bring any electrical supplies, etc.
  • Any permits are the customer’s responsibility.

Surface & Pad

  • Your new spa must be placed on a prepared and uniformly firm and level surface. You, as owner/purchaser, of spa or tub will be responsible for the site. Additional charges will apply to level or prepare the site. Spas equipped with the Forever Floor Option require level solid ground only.
  • Cement slab, Wood deck, Existing patio, Treated redwood or cedar 4 x 4’s or railroad ties with at least 2 across the center to support complete underside of spa. (see your sales representative for further assistance), Concrete Patio stones (16” x 16” x 3”), minimum of 5 (Arctic All Weather Pools needs gravel base minimum) (see your sales representative for further assistance). Balconies and decks must be constructed to current state and local codes and should support at least 100 pounds per square foot (125 pounds per square foot for Arctic All Weather Pools).

Access & Clearance

  • Your spa requires 44 inches of clearance through gates, between houses and side fences, around corners, and 8’ to 10’ feet of overhead clearance, depending on the size of unit. It is the responsibility of the customer to insure our access. All debris, limited or blocking access must be removed, this includes gates and fencing sections if needed. Arctic All Weather Pools
    require the spa to be moved flat, meaning that we need a minimum of 9’ wide & 15’ long. Ask your sales rep about crane delivery if needed.


  • Balance due on spas must be paid at time of delivery with cash or check only. Delivery is when the spa is delivered to your property and out of the control of Arctic Spas. Payment cannot be delayed because of circumstance outside the control of Arctic Spa, this includes site preparation, electrical, etc.
  • If you desire to pay for the spa with a credit card, the total amount of the spa must be paid at time of order, not the delivery. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  • All sales are final. You have the right to cancel your purchase within 3 days of the order. Any cancellations past this time forfeit any order deposits.

OnSpa Account

  • OnSpa allows you to access your Spa’s Settings 24/7 by your smart phone or computer.
  • This is for all Arctic Spas (not available for coyote spas or Arctic Essential Series). Register for your Online Spa Remote Access Account by going to On the day of Start.
  • Up, the technician will need your OnSpa Username and Password as well as your Wi-Fi Network Name and Password.


  • Typically, the delivery happens between 4-8 pm. It will usually be completed in 30 minutes. We will then return typically the next day for the Spa Start Up. This requires 2-3 hours.
  • Read your invoice carefully, you are NOT entitled to, nor should you expect, anything not written on your invoice. You, as owner/purchaser, of spa or tub will be responsible for electrical service connections.


  • The manufacture provides an on-site warranty as explained in the warranty statement. A ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##39 warranty call out fee to cover travel time and costs will be charged for all spas located away from the Wasatch Front or outside a 60-mile drive from our store. This fee will be waived during the first 30 days after delivery if a problem arises.